Administration Software

Developed for, by and with Entrepreneurs

Most administration software is developed by and for accountants and bookkeepers. The functions, statements and reports are in line with their specific world and terminology. Not without a reason off course. The reports that the IRS, your bank and the auditor want need to come flawlessly out of your system.

But an entrepreneur wants more. Software that you can use easily without any accounting knowledge. A program that shows you your financial information in a way that you can understand. Software that guides you. Step by step. With a unique wizard, a built-in manual and a unique approach. So you can enter your invoices and receipts easily. Without having to think about general ledger accounts, balance sheet, and difficult language.

The unique Dashboard of Budgetview is designed to address the needs and perceptions of you as an entrepreneur. It shows your forecast and business results in a clear and understandable way. All the complicated accounting processes take place in the background. The system will not bother you with them.